Thursday, August 13, 2009

lights, camera, acktion..::3


So I went to the movie yesterday and saw the movie 500 Days of Summer. You probably haven’t herd of it yea I know no one has lol. But that’s cool either had I till about a week ago. Witch is weird being that I stay pretty up to date with indie movies. So I went to see it with one of my bestys Laura (don’t worry she’s cool). So this movie was crazy good. Vary different witch I love. So I have been pushing it all around town like crazy and someone had the nerve to say that it sucked, now don’t get me wrong that’s fine people have there own opinions. The reason I didn’t like his answer is because I asked after why didn’t he like it and he said it was filmed weird and things of that sort. Well that’s stupid guys its called ART yes sometimes its different but its still beautiful (for the most part). Just don’t judge so quick the world it changing we are about to hit a big influx of arties. But back to the movie it was awesome one of my fav actresses is in it her name is Zooey Deschanel not only is she a pretty good actress she has a great voice after seeing elf I looked her up because you cant have a voice like that and not us it. So low and behold I found her and a few cd’s she has super awesome stuff, check it out both her cd and the move.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

lights, camera, action..::2


So this is Billy’s box office. Its pretty much my opinion on the best and worst movies of our generation and the generations before us. So I hope you enjoy the movies I recommend. Please let me know what you think.

so this is going to be my action movie award, for know. this is a hard category to place but i think i got a keeper after a lot if though this is what i came up with. the action movie issssss.... drum roll please. Live Free Or Die Hard, thats right you know its true. i watch that movie at least three times a mouth. if you havent seen it i feel you should go out asap and rent or buy it. then let me know what you think.

Friday, January 23, 2009

are we that dumb... probably

So we went to dinner because tomorrow is my mom and dads anniversary. And this is what I found on the back of a hand whip packet. Directions, what the heck!!! The first thing that came to mind is these are the worst directions in the world, then I thought I wonder if the company put it on there because they where brought to court or was one of the makers just like people are that dumb.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Florida is the south

So I live in a pretty cool area, some do not like it but I love. If you don’t know I live in the Fla but not just normal Florida that you hear about all the time I live in the Palm Bay/ Melbourne area. Its awesome it has the perfect mixture of people from hardcore kids to straight g-unit to the most red neck white trash you will ever meat. I can say this because I’m stuck somewhere in the three witch is super fun. Let me hit you up with a for intense I went to a birthday party the other day and it was at an airboat club. So we got free airboat rides witch is awesome I had a great time. So I’m on the airboat going about 55 mph then it hit me how great it is here I have always known but Gods cool and makes sure I know it some times. Anyways I’m thinking I will blog about how redneck/ white trash we can get done here, I was like that should be cool. So we pull the boat in and just then another airboat is there and the guy is like, check it out. So the whole group ran over out of nowhere some of the girls freak as I notice this man. That I’m pretty sure he was a little drunk through a dead hog onto his airboat. I was like wow that’s awesome. So I asked the question everyone was dieing to know, what did you us? A 22 of course, replied the slightly inebriated man. So then I asked an even better question, can I take a pic with it? So I did and I was glad I did. So there you go for all you people that are like Palm Bay or Melbourne sucks or is boring you are just not looking hard enough.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i am so tuff

So I got a new tattoo. I had 6 before they were all pretty much covered except my neck but most don’t notice it. But this one is a little bigger, it covers most of my arm and will cover the rest vary soon . So I want to know who in my little circle of people that read this who of you has a tattoo or want one or hate them I want to know about it. Tell me everything how many you have y you got them everything. My new one is all sailor Jerry stuff. If you don’t know who or what that is you need to look it up he changed tattooing for ever. So check it out tell me what you think and everything else I asked thanks.

your turn...

22 the big 2-2

So I am 22 now. Nothing really changed my birthday was the 13th of Jan. I gave it a few days but I feel pretty much the same. Nothing really happened my sis brought me to lunch and a movie witch was ok but that was it. I had to work the rest of the day then today my work had a lunch for me and two nore of my friends that had there birthdays this week. O fun, so what did you do on your 22.